Party Like It’s 1899

Party Like It’s 1899

Hohenadel House is Ready to Swing:
SATURDAY OCTOBER 18th  …  6 pm – 10 pm

A century ago, when friends called on John Hohenadel at his grand mansion on Indian Queen Lane, they likely joined the old brewmaster in his basement parlor — his “ratzkeller“– for some of his Falls Brewery beer. His plant a few blocks up on Conrad Street produced more than 30,000 barrels a year, the last and most successful enterprise of the family’s 83+ years in East Falls, brewing beer & running saloons, hotels & dancehalls. read more…

Leaving Your Very Own Mansion

Leaving Your Very Own Mansion

“I always thought if I win the lottery, I am going to restore the mansion and make it a bed and breakfast. Thank you thank you thank you for restoring this house.” 

East Falls resident regarding Hohenadel House read more…

Beware the dog days of summer: Philadelphia edition

Beware the dog days of summer: Philadelphia edition

July 3rd through August 11:  The “dog days” of summer. These sticky, stagnant couple of weeks when the weather seems aggressively hot. Greenery takes on a yellow tinge of drought, the family dog refuses his afternoon walk and humans everywhere hunker down in dark, air conditioned homes…trying to move as little as possible until the sun goes down.
read more…

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  1. Chris Salisbury

    I, too, am a Hohenadel. My grandfather was John F. Hohenadel; his father (my great-grandfather– Theodore Hohenadel) owned the Quaker City Furniture House (I have a photo). His father was John Hohenadel (1823-1894) (photo indicates was taken at Neuman Photography, 228 N Ninth St, Philadelphia). His brother, John, owned the City Park Hotel at 29th and Penn Ave opposite the Fairmont park (I have a postcard). Was he the brewer? The brewery connection in my accumulation of family items is fuzzy. I own all the Hohenadel breweriana which is fun, and my mother always referred to the brewer as her uncle or cousin. I live in the Chicago area and the Hohenadels came from Phil and settled in the German enclave in the city. Anything or anyone you can connect me to to help fill in the gaps would be much appreciated.


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